Ministry of Transport and Public Works holds a vital key to contributing to national socio-economic development through implementation of policies, legislation and strategies in the transport and buildings sectors in Malawi in line with national development goals and in keeping with Malawi’s regional and international obligations.


*To spearhead the develop of the policy on transport and public works provide policy direction, guidance oversight, facilitation, coordination supervision, monitoring and evaluation.

*To provide an effective and sustainable transport and public works systems.


*To provide safe, equitable, efficient, sustainable transport and public works system in order to achieve sustainable economic growth and development.



The ministry shall deliver its services professionally and with integrity

Transparency and accountability

The ministry shall provide its services in an open manner and shall be accountable to its stakeholders for all its undertakings.


The ministry shall ensure free flow of traffic and accessibility of buildings through the provision of equitable, accessible and affordable transport and public works services

Safety standards  

The ministry shall ensure that its transport infrastructure and public works are safe to users and are of high standards.

Environmental sustainability

  The ministry shall ensure that it creates and puts in place a transport and public works system that does not lead to environmental degradation

Competitive transport and public works services

The ministry shall put in place policies that will create a conducive environment that will afford opportunities for competitive provision of transport and public works services by service providers

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