The air transport system consists of: two primary international airports (Lilongwe and Blantyre); four secondary a irports with paved runways (Likoma, Karonga, Mzuzu, and Club Makokola in Mangochi); and 26 basic airstrips of grass or low-grade material.

The Ministry operates all a irports except for Kamuzu International Airport (KIA), and Likoma Airport wh ich are co-operated by the Airport Developments Limited (ADL) while Club Makoko la is privately owned and operated. The Civil Aviation Act of 20 17 establishes the Civi l Aviation Authority (CAA) in order to separate operations from regulatory functi ons in the sub-sector currently being und rtaken by the Department of Civil Aviation.

The CAA will, therefore, oversee and regulate all aspects of civil aviation in Malawi while operations will be provided by various entities, either new ly established or having respective mandates of existing ntities extended. Presently, international air services are provided by Malawian, Kenyan, Ethiopian, South African and Zambian air carriers to both Kamuzu and Chileka International Airports.

Domestic services are prov ided by local private companies, largely in support of i ternational tourism.
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